Today’s fast-changing world needs dynamic and adaptable organizations that are open to transformation and advancement on every level. Emerging technologies have enabled companies to smoothly transition to the next era of product and service delivery. Faced with a multitude of challenges and threats, organizations must now focus more than ever on developing their human capital and providing their workforce with the 21st Century skills and the core, key and critical competencies needed to compete in tomorrow’s world. It’s time to transform organizational learning cultures into more customized, innovative and inspiring ones that can drive efficiencies!


We understand that career development and professional growth are key factors in retaining employees and warranting their commitment, motivation and engagement at the workplace. That’s why Quest, ITWORX Education and ALMentor have joined forces to develop LearningSpace, the ultimate corporate learning solution for companies across all industries and sectors. LearningSpace is a fully-fledged corporate digital learning solution that allows you to realize your company’s advancement vision and achieve your human developmental goals with simplicity and flexibility.


LearningSpace is a comprehensive solution that is specifically designed and customized to provide an engaging and rewarding learning experience for employees. The blended development journey it offers includes a gamified platform that integrates digital learning tools, classroom programs and online videos to cater to individual learning needs. The digital platform embraces interactive digital content and bite-sized videos that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the ingenious solution allows managers and administrators to monitor, track and evaluate their employees’ progress and measure the company’s human capital development.

Learning Space Launch Event